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  • I underwent a sleeve gastrectomy a year and a half ago. It was performed by Dr. Patrick, for whom the procedure was very quick and easy. The next day, I woke up with no pain nor any discomfort from the surgery. Today, I lost around 50 kg and have never felt healthier. No matter how much I thank him, it will never make up for his kindness and his professionalism.
    Malika22 years old
  • Before the surgery, I was always tired and lazy, I couldn’t exercise or run or catch up with my friends during sports. I didn’t get drastic results from diet and exercise and wanted to try surgery. I got even more encouraged to know that it wouldn’t take Dr Patrick a lot of time to perform a sleeve gastrectomy. I have lost 30 kg till now and I’m doing more of the things that I love to do. Things have changed in my life, I can finally go out and enjoy my time with my friends!
    Yousef18 years old
  • One month after my sleeve, I look and feel 10 years younger. I started at 100 kg and I’m now at 89kg; I love my transforming body, this is the smallest I have been in 7 years!
    Susanne33 years old
  • I was born on the 21st of May, 1989 yet my real date of birth was the 7th of November, 2015 when I underwent my sleeve. The key elements to live such an amazing experience consists of a great surgeon that can support you through your weight loss journey – here Dr. Patrick -, the will & motivation to start a new healthy lifestyle in order to reach your target weight, & the support of your loved ones. Luckily I’ve had all of these & two months later I’m happy to announce that I have already lost 20 kg!
    Shama26 years old
  • The suit that I was wearing when I first came to consult Dr Patrick was the only one I could fit in. Two months after the surgery, it became substantially loser and I am happy at the idea that I lost almost 20 kg. I appreciate most specifically the personal nature of Dr Patrick’s practice— meaning, he and his team worked with me as an individual.
    Mark53 years old

Introducing Dr Patrick

Profile Dr Patrick Leaving France in January 2015, Dr Patrick decided to settle in the UAE and bring his expertise in Bariatric Surgery to the Gulf.

At the forefront of Laparoscopic Surgery, Dr Patrick has become an unavoidable figure of Weight Loss Surgery on an international scale.

Performing live surgeries on worldwide congresses, he singled out himself by his groundbreaking surgical approaches, making his procedures quicker, safer and more successful.

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